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Highly experienced and certified chefs will be your best guides to the world of professional cooking!


Baking & Pastry Chef

Simona loves to dirty her hands and she likes cooking in all its shades, from traditional to ethnic, but pastry is her passion….what unites them is the passion for the colors and the perfumes of their peninsula.


Head Chef

Silvana is a vegetarian and yoga teacher and has been working for 30 years in the bio vegetarian field for health and peace choices for herself and for the planet.

She has always been interested in natural remedies and well-being; trainer in the holistic world for conviction and direct experience.

What Our Happy Customer Says About Us

Juli & Marco

A culinary experience with genuine Italian as well as international lifestyle.
Simona and Silvana gave us very good insights into Neapolitan and Italian cuisine. At Pizza, Pasta and Parmigiana di Melanzane they gave us helpful tips and dont’s on the way. The togetherness was very personal and friendly. We will cook the dishes in any case. We can only recommend this cooking school!!!!